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Scoring and geographic information systems, customer retention platforms, competitor analysis systems and advisory services


Since 2001 SimbirSoft has been creating IT solutions for banks, telecoms, retail and service companies. Since 2012 we have been working with big data: developing comprehensive systems for analysis of customer needs, competitor actions and risk management.

Our solutions help companies gain customer confidence, anticipate their desires and produce new products and services.
Advisory systems
#1 in Russia according to clients' reviews in the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals
Geographic information services and analysis of urban infrastructure objects
#1 in geolocation development according to Runet Rating
Competitors' activity analysis systems
Scoring systems

How do we get profit from data

What we use

Python: SciPy, Sympy,
Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, scikit-learn
Classification, Regression,
Clustering, Dimensionality reduction, Model selection, Preprocessing
MS Power BI, MSSQL, Axure
Reporting Service


The system of intellectual apartment selection
It chooses apartments taking into account the places of work and study of family members. The system analyzes travel time, traffic jams and public transport. In addition, we displayed on the map the infrastructure in walking distance: shops, ATMs, parking lots, schools, services.

The system helps the realtor company to retain customers and quickly close deals. We automated the system of collecting information about the houses: the data automatically fall into the CRM, and the realtor spends time on customers, and not on paper work.

Real Estate Valuation System
The system predicts the cost of apartments and the timing of their sale. The algorithm analyzes the average cost of an apartment in the market and shows it to the users. They can choose the recommended value or assign their own - then the system calculates a new forecasted period of sale. The higher the price, the longer the sale.

We have implemented the system in the real estate portal. During its use, the outflow of portal users decreased. The error of the system's predictions is 4%.
The system of competitor activity analysis for a grocery chain
The system analyzes promotions, discounts and new products in competitors' stores. Supervisors trace the competitors' activities, take pictures and upload the data. The system aggregates the information from all the stores where the products of the grocery chain are represented and generates the forecast of how successful these activities will be. The company adjusts it's marketing campaigns and promotions according to the reports.

Why choose us

Experienced analysts and mathematicians
We recruit specialists with mathematical education and train them in our data analysis school. Our experience is ensured by Developing Big Data Solutions, Processing Real-Time Data, Orchestrating Big Data certificates.
Business thinking
Besides ready data analysis we also provide our own ideas on how to maximize LTV and measure NPS of your business, find proper balance between loyalty and ARPU.
Technological expertise for complex tasks
We combine well-known and cutting-edge technologies to achieve optimal results.
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We help companies become the leaders of the industry with data analysis.
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